Establish a next generation

Cyber Resilience Strategy

Organizations need advanced Threat Detection and Response services to prevent hackers from launching modern cyber attacks.

In supporting security prevention and detection, our Detection & Response Team focuses on monitoring, detecting threats, investigating them and responding to incidents with accuracy and speed, by correlating threat indicators or by analyzing the environment and user behaviors for malicious or abnormal activities.

The Team harnesses the advanced expertise of:

  • Cyber Security Analysts
  • Incident Responders
  • Threat Researchers
  • Forensic Analysts

How it works

The sooner detection experts uncover intrusions, the more readily IT security teams, SOC analysts, and incident response experts can respond to breaches and mitigate damage to organizations. For this reason our Team comprises qualified expert whit specific skills that can detect and cover potential cyber threats in each phase of the cyber kill chain.

International Team

Our global Team monitors your environments 24/7 to solve your security challenges, maintain business continuity and implement investigative activities to raise your company’s cybersecurity levels.

Detection & Response Team Benefits

Deploying Detection & Response Team activities enables your organization to:

  • Raise cybersecurity levels

  • Enhance cyber threat intelligence

  • Speed up and optimize SOC Operations

  • Shift to proactive Cybersecurity

Certego Detection & Response Team