Why Certego MDR?

Certego Managed Detection & Response services are powered by PanOptikon©, our Security Orchestration, Automaton and Response (SOAR) SaaS Platform.

PanOptikon© uses a modular approach to scale up with the organization’s infrastructure and cybersecurity requirements.

Thanks to the in-depth investigations, carried out by the Certego Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) with eyes-on-glass, remote round-the-clock coverage in both Italian and English, we can quickly detect, investigate and respond to the most advanced cyber threats.

MDR Benefits

Organizations adopting Certego Managed Detection & Response services benefit from the following:

  • Real Time security monitoring of the whole infrastructure

  • Cyber attacks are countered efficiently

  • Significant reduction in business impacts when cyber security incidents occur

  • Continuous improvement of resilience against cyber attacks

How it works

Far less false-positive alerts
means you can focus on your business!

Thanks to raw telemetry, we only raise the alarm when significant alerts occur

Complete cyber
kill chain detection

Certego services, cover and detect potential cyber threats at every stage of the cyber kill chain. The cyber kill chain, which is derived from a military model, is basically a series of steps that cyber criminals must follow to reach their ultimate goal: monetizing their attacks.

The typical cyber kill chain includes a series of stages, ranging from reconnaissance (weaponize, delivery and initial access), which is often the first stage of a malware attack, to lateral movements (persistence, taking root) where the attackers try to move laterally throughout the network to access more data and escalate their privileges inside organizations. The final stage is monetization, where the attacker is able to exfiltrate data, or deliver a ransomware tool to simultaneously encrypt all the company's infrastructure and demand a ransom.

In most cases, all these steps are necessary for an attack to occur. It takes time, and usually leaves traces. The ultimate goal of the Certego MDR service is to detect, within each of these steps, all the main activities carried out by the cyber criminals in following the cyber kill chain, and act before they can have a real impact on business, helping organizations to respond quickly to this kind of cyber attacks.

Technology + Processed + People = Cyber Resilience


  • Threat Sensors - Network & Endpoint Threat Sensors, SIEM, Vulnerability Scanner, Native Cloud Sensors, etc.
  • Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) Platform – PanOptikon Security Orchestration Platform
  • Threat Intelligence


  • Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD)
  • Cybersecurity Playbooks


  • Certified CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)