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We are a pure-play MDR with more than 10 years’ of experience in fighting cybercrime

PanOptikon® Platform

PanOptikon® Security Orchestration Platform is a SaaS solution enabling Certego’s Threat Detection & Response Team to automate and streamline cybersecurity attack detection and incident response processes.

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Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Intelligence Team provides real-time information on potential threats and comprehensive grasp of the threat landscape, including motives and tactics employed by criminals.

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Detection & Response Team

Our Detection and Response Team includes security analysts, incident responders, and forensic investigators responsible for identifying, investigating, and responding to potential cyber threats.

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Prevention can't be 100% effective.
Empower your digital defenses with Certego Managed Detection and Response


PanOptikon© XDR Platform includes various Detection Modules to gain visibility of network traffic, process activities, vulnerabilities, cloud security, user behaviors and OT environments.


Detection & Response Team investigates each alarm triggered by our detection rules and classifies it.


In event of cyber security incident, Certego DRT teams up with the customer to contain, neutralize and eradicate the threat

Take full advantage of telemetry data and behavioral detection techniques

Innovative technology and human expertise