FIRST announced CVSS v4.0

#Threat Detection

FIRST, the global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, which includes more than 650 organizations, including Certego, from more than 100 countries, has officially announced CVSS v4.0, the next generation of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System standard to provide the highest fidelity of vulnerabilities.

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Standard & Poor's cybersecurity global report


The Standard & Poor's Global report titled "Enhanced Corporate Cybersecurity Measures in Response to the Growing Prevalence of Cyber Attacks" highlights how the financial impact of cybercrime is steadily increasing for businesses.

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Israeli entities under attack by MuddyWater’s spear-phishing advanced tactics


The Iranian cybercriminal group MuddyWater has launched a new spear-phishing campaign against two Israeli entities, utilizing advanced remote administration tools.

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Boeing says cyber incident hit parts business after ransom threat

#Breaches and Incidents

Boeing, the aerospace industry leader, has acknowledged a cyber incident just days after ransomware gang LockBit reportedly exfiltrated sensitive data from the aerospace defense contractor.

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