MITRE launches Critical Infrastructure Threat Model Framework


EMB3D is the new threat model framework for defenders tasked with protecting operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS).

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CISA and ENISA signed a Working Arrangement in the areas of capacity-building, best practices exchange and boosting cybersecurity awareness

#Cybersecurity Cooperations

CISA and ENISA have signed a collaboration agreement on cybersecurity.

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Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit seized multiple domains used by the Vietnam-based cybercrime group Storm-1152

#Threat Actors

Storm-1152 registered over 750 million fraudulent accounts and raked in millions of dollars by selling them online to other cybercriminals.

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Cybercrime market OLVX gains popularity among hackers

#Threat Actors

A new cybercrime marketplace, OLVX, has emerged and is quickly gaining new customers looking to purchase tools to conduct online fraud and cyberattacks.

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White House wants to set minimum cyber standards for hospitals and healthcare


The sector has faced a wave of ransomware linked to the critical CitrixBleed vulnerability, which has led to major attacks from LockBit and other threat groups.

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