Certego has always been strongly involved and participating in open source projects.

For this reason, we created the IntelOwl project more than 2 years ago (see the blog post). At that moment we did know that the cyber security community really struggled in automating common and daily routine tasks. IntelOwl aimed at filling that gap.

We succeeded. We had strong feedback from the community: we reached almost 2500 stars in Github and more and more people tried to participate in the project.

As Certego, we have been leveraging IntelOwl internally to facilitate and speed up the gathering of Threat Intelligence data. It is a tool that we can’t live without anymore.

For this reason we started to think and to focus about the future of the project: we want to make IntelOwl a complete Threat Intelligence Platform that people can use to perform security-related investigations of any kind.

Today we reached the first step of this process: we are happy to announce that we have published the new major version of one of the most successful Open Source Threat Intelligence projects.

This new version 4 release brings a new revamped Graphical User Interface!

The design was inspired by the same idea we got for Dragonfly, the next generation malware sandbox service that we released almost a year ago.

We strongly suggest you check all the details regarding this new release in the official Changelog and to try the new application by yourself!

As mentioned earlier, this is just the first step. We have been planning to add to the project some new exciting features that would transform it into a fully fledged Investigation platform that everyone working in cyber security could use for his own goal. If you want to be updated on everything that we are doing and participate in the discussions about the future of the platform, don’t forget that the project is public and everyone is welcome to the community around it! You can follow the project in Github here and to try the new application by yourself!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

 Matteo Lodi, Threat Intel Team Leader


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