Dragonfly by Certego

Your second generation malware sendbox

 January 02, 2023

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Certego has always been strongly involved in researching new ways to analyze malware. We have been working for some time on new projects aimed to evolve how the threat intelligence analysts work and what kind of tools they need. You may have heard of the open source project IntelOwl and the recognition it received by the community: we have just reached 2k stars on Github in less than 2 years! But it is not the only one! We started experimenting and working closely with the community that develops binary emulation frameworks. And we came up with a new idea! A next generation malware sandbox built on binary emulation tools. We called it Dragonfly. Today we are proud to announce that we are finally ready to publish the Alpha release of this project to the community! “So yeah, this is all very exciting! but how does it work?”

  Matteo Lodi