Certego entra a far parte dei technology integration di Cisco Secure Endpoint

As a Cisco Solution Partner, Certego implemented the Tactical Response service designed for Cisco Secure Endpoint that integrates Cisco's EDR solution into the Panoptikon SOAR platform.

Secure Endpoint is a CISCO product that provides a unified solution for users and endpoints. Through an integrated platform named SecureX, it provides built-in XDR capabilities and enhanced endpoint protection to maximize operational efficiency of endpoint security. Through Certego Tactical Response integration, when Certego IRT detects malicious activities, it can automatically isolate the compromised hosts to block the attack.

Certego's Tactical Response solution for CISCO Secure Endpoint significantly reduces the time it takes to contain a cyber security incident by preventing further attacks and infections. It also minimizes the risk associated with ongoing incidents (e.g., by blocking resources related to further infection phases), all in a simple and automated way, reducing the workload of customer IT.