The offer of Certego includes two key types of managed services: BDIR (Breach Detection, Investigation & Response) and CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence). Both are able to effectively contrast the threats posed by Cyber Crime, the former through the analysis of anomalies detected within the networks and systems of the Client, the latter through an extensive and specific activity of intelligence carried out outside of the Client’s infrastructures to identify the attacks even before they reach their defences.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Following the intensification of frauds perpetrated using Phishing and Botnet attacks, Certego has realised a set of services to detect and contrast this kind of threats. Specifically, the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services include:

  • Anti-Phishing Services
  • Anti-Fraud Services
  • Botnet Interception Services

Features of the Service

The Certego (Cyber Threat Intelligence) service provides comprehensive support which is able to:

  • Quickly detect the presence of Phishing sites which are target-specific;
  • Make a detailed analysis of the Phishing attacks to give the Client a better understanding of the level of risk and plan a more effective response;
  • Activate and coordinate the measures to take down the Phishing site;
  • Detect Malware components (e.g. Botnet) developed specifically to attack a specific organisation;
  • Detect the Malware attacks which target the theft of credentials to access Client systems;

The provision of the CTI service does not require the use of dedicated appliances or specific software installed at the Client's facility since it is based on information processed by the Malware Analysis Platform of Certego and on co-operation with several key providers of Security Intelligence.